Wings Over Illawarra


The primary goal was to revitalise the digital search presence of the Wings Over Illawarra airshow for 2022. We aimed to enhance the event’s online visibility and accessibility, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had significantly impacted public events. The website still looked great, but like many websites had never had proper Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to boost it online.


Upon collaboration with Mark Bright from Bright Events, we identified key challenges:

  1. Slow Page Speed: The website was loading way too slowly, likely incurring a Google Search penalty.
  2. Lack of SEO Optimisation: The website had minimal search engine optimization, resulting in poor online visibility.
  3. Inadequate User Engagement: There was a lack of engaging content that could excite and inform visitors about the event.
  4. Post-COVID Relaunch: The event needed a strong comeback post-COVID, requiring a robust marketing strategy.
Close up of the Wings Over Illawarra website
Wings Over Illawarra home page of the website

Strategy and Execution

  1. SEO Optimisation: Implementing an extensive SEO strategy was critical. We conducted thorough keyword research specific to airshows and local events, optimizing the site’s content and meta tags. We also improved the website’s loading speed and ensured it was indexed correctly by search engines.

  2. Content Strategy: Recognizing the need to engage users, we developed a dynamic content strategy. This included creating exciting previews of the airshow, featuring interviews with pilots, and showcasing past events’ highlights. An interactive schedule of events was also incorporated.

  3. Social Media Integration: To further boost engagement, we integrated social media feeds directly into the website, allowing for real-time updates and user interaction.

  4. Analytics and Tracking: We set up advanced analytics and tracking systems to monitor website traffic and user behavior, enabling ongoing optimization.

  5. Marketing Campaigns: To maximize reach, we launched targeted digital marketing campaigns, focusing on local audiences and aviation enthusiasts.

Wings Over Illawarra Spitfire

The Results

  • Increased Web Traffic: Post-optimization, the website saw a significant increase in organic traffic, with a 60% increase in unique visitors compared to the previous year.
  • High Search Engine Ranking: The website consistently ranked in the top three results for key search terms related to airshows in Australia.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: The revamped website experienced a lower bounce rate and higher user engagement, with visitors spending 50% more time on the site.
  • Successful Event Turnout: The Wings Over Illawarra 2022 airshow witnessed a record turnout, surpassing attendance figures from previous years.


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in average session duration


Top 3 page rankings


The collaboration with Bright Events for the Wings Over Illawarra airshow was a resounding success. By revamping the website and implementing a comprehensive digital strategy, Shellharbour Web Design Co played a pivotal role in reinvigorating the event’s online presence and contributing to its post-COVID success.

In 2023 the Wings Over Illawarra airshow was successfully bought out by Avalon Airshows and rebranded to Airshows Downunder Shellharbour. The basic DNA of the website and our optimisations continues.